Are you ready to build your granny flat? Do you have your design, engineers' details and approvals, and paid the s94 fees? If yes, great! You're ready for tenders. If not, then read on. Sourcing, physically assessing in-situ, reviewing contracts and negotiating to buy the right property over multitude others, is but one piece of the puzzle you must solve if you wish to succeed completing your granny flat project without stress, headache or an overblown budget. Here at Granny Flat Buyers Agents, we not only know how to find the right investment property for your granny flat project, we've also forged key relationships with Sydney's most trusted, knowledgeable and uber-experienced granny flat builders and designers. Having good relations with dedicated granny flat builders we know and trust means we eliminate the concern of finding the right granny flat builder. The end result for you means we get your granny flat built right at the best possible price without cutting corners.
  • ensure your granny flat is legal, insured, guaranteed, built to quality standards, on time and within budget
  • get a fast-track site assessment, updated survey, architectural design, engineers' report, development application and certifier approvals for each critical stage of construction with only the very best in the industry at the most competitive cost effective one time only fee
  • insist on due diligence, Home Building Act compliance and the compulsory 'Consumer Building Guide'
  • insist on owner's recourse to builder's warranty that gives some assurance against the builder going bankrupt, disappearing or not finishing the work
  • insist on only qualified, licensed, experienced and adequately insured builders with contract works, work cover, public liability and eligibility with home warranty insurance as required by NSW Fair Trading
  • be wary of builders who have accepted undisclosed kickbacks or secret fees or commissions to secure the job from dubious property investment advisors, and who then artificially load the price without you knowing
  • insist on getting quotes, checking the builder's license, their history, previous work, compulsory insurances (there are 4 types), reviewing the contract documentation before signing
  • insist on a fixed price building contract with no variations, rise and fall clauses or provisional sums - helps significantly when needing to get a construction finance application approved
  • be wary of cost plus building contracts
  • insist on concrete slab-on-ground at all times for any level site, stay away from piers if you can avoid them as banks don't like them, understandably so (see 'Top 10 Risks When Financing Granny Flat Investments')
  • try to access and use discounted energy-efficient superior lightweight building materials and suppliers as much as possible
  • know what funding amount is needed to gain approval of your construction loan
  • prevent headaches, problems and future risk with council, insurers, or successive owners rejecting, denying or not honoring claims due to illegal, non-compliant or unsafe building work
  • build it right to AS Australian Standards, NCC (ex-BCA Building Code of Australia), get it right the first time, and satisfy compliance with the CDC-AHSEPP
building your granny flat