Are you looking for an investment property in Sydney that allows the addition of a granny flat?  Granny Flat Buyers Agents finds properties that suit a fast-track granny flat additiongranny flat buying (secondary dwelling) for investment purposes.  As a qualified, licensed and independent Buyers Agency we act only on your behalf serving your best interests solely and exclusively.  This means you gain access to a Team of highly experienced, wholly dedicated Specialist Advisors that source both on and off-market, silent or distress properties before it hits the open market.  We know, understand and are privy to ‘insider’ market knowledge and continually research and identify upcoming growth suburbs to enable us to implement the right cash flow solution for you.  We negotiate, haggle and suppress costs along the entire workflow, saving you time and money.  We undertake rigorous due diligence and compliance checks on each potential site working as your own personal advocate saving you time.  We work with only the best independent professional advisors and specialised granny flat builders in Sydney, throughout the buying-building-investing process without taking fees, loading quotes or charging extra, saving you from being ripped-off.  We work with statutory authorities, professional consultants, licensed builders and real estate agents to gain the best terms, as each property is different with its own unique attributes, each property transaction its own set of circumstances, giving you control.  We pass on genuine savings direct to you.  We uphold only the highest of standards and integrity, giving you peace of mind.

In short, Granny Flat Buyers Agents act as the emotional handbrake to apply at any time throughout to thoroughly de-risk the buying experience when you decide to invest in a cash flow generating dual-key dual-income granny flat, allowing you to finally start stepping away from your job, build affordable income-producing assets and be well on your way to achieving superior financial well-being for your future and your loved ones.

  • Finds only the best property that suits a fast-track granny flat addition ( secondary dwelling ).
  • Is a licensed real estate agent educated and qualified to act only on YOUR behalf.
  • Gains access to private, off-market, distress properties before anyone else.
  • Experienced and fully dedicated to serving only YOUR best interests.
  • Truly represents YOU the buyer, not the seller.
  • Access to insider and market knowledge in upcoming "hot" suburbs and growth areas.
  • Negotiates, haggles, suppresses costs, saves YOU money.
  • Saves time for Time Poor Investors
  • Buys the right property at the best price.
  • Undertakes rigorous due diligence and compliance checks on each potential suitable property.
  • Belongs to a network of qualified independent professional advisors helping throughout the process.
  • Liaison between statutory authorities, professional consultants and agents to gain the best terms.
  • Professional with the highest of integrity, standards and adheres to a code of ethics.
  • The emotional handbrake to apply at any time throughout to thoroughly de-risk the entire process.
Discussing your long term goals and determining your granny flat projects requirements.
We find the right property in the right area's to maximise your rental return.
We investigate all aspects of your potential purchase to prevent unnecessary or unforeseen issues.
We perform an evaluation to determine the economical value of the purchase.
Assistance in gaining your property as smoothly as possible.