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Sales Agent, Buyers Agent? What's The Difference?
A Buyer's Agent also called a Buyer's Advocate, is a qualified licensed real estate professional specialising in buying property on behalf of a buyer. A Buyer's Agent does this by searching, assessing and negotiating the purchase of real estate that matches the requirements of their Client. A Buyer's Agent does NOT sell real estate. The difference between a real estate sales (vendor's) agent and a buyer's agent is whom they represent in the transaction. A Vendor's Agent represents the Owner or Seller of a property. A Buyer's Agent acts exclusively for their buyer (the person or entity buying the property) and in their 'best interest.' It is illegal for any agent to act for and accept a commission from both parties in a real estate transaction (known as 'double dipping'). The applicable laws are in place to ensure the consumer is in no way unfairly disadvantaged.
I've Bought Property By Myself, What Can Granny Flat Buyers Agent Do For Me?
A Granny Flat Buyer's Agent is very distinct and different to a buyer's agent who buys granny flat properties, or builders who recommend properties that they can build a granny flat on. To begin with, because we are Buyers Advocates, we are not in the business of making profit from supplying or building granny flat dwellings. Granny Flat Buyers Agents specialise in sourcing and buying only the right properties that ensure compliance under certain state planning codes allowing a fast-track process in identification, site assessment, construction, approvals and certification. This not only saves immense time and stress, but importantly prevents risk in buying the wrong property in the first place. Secondly, Granny Flat Buyers Agents know whether a property will deliver the financial results that match the objectives of property investors wanting dual passive income streams from the one property. Because we invest in granny flat properties ourselves, we know whether a property stacks up in terms of purchase price, location, the costs in obtaining approvals, what it should cost to build and the suburb's anticipated growth and optimal rental returns or the yield, otherwise known as the ROI (expressed as a percentage). This means you know the full picture, keeping your investment budget in tight control, and not over or under - capitalising for that particular market.
What Suburbs Do You Cover?
Granny Flat Buyers Agents specialise in particular areas of Sydney for property investors seeking immediate cash flow, or property owners interested in adding a granny flat to their backyard and just wanting to get it right in quality and price. Our core competencies can deliver at any stage of the process the right-fit service from finding, buying, planning, project managing and building. We cover all areas of greater metropolitan Sydney with plans to expand to other major capital cities in the near future. If you have something in mind, call us on 0448 151 888 to see how we can help.
Do You Help Experienced Investors, Novices and Mums & Dads Alike?
Yes. For those with existing investment properties, we often come across property investors with a portfolio of negative geared properties wanting to re-adjust their financial position towards positive (i.e. cash flowing into your pocket net of all expenses including loan interest), if not more neutral geared (i.e. all incoming net cash flows equal all outgoing net expense flows). We also work with Financial Advisors/Financial Planners looking for a reliable way to help their Clients find affordable investment properties with cash flow for structuring inside a SMSF. For first timers or Mums and Dads, we help by thoroughly de-risking the entire process in the requisite due diligence and compliance assessments, and by being able to deliver a strategy of low risk, very affordable property investments in comparison to other direct property and value leverage-models.
Can You Help Find, Build, Finance, Approve And Manage For Me?
Yes. We can help if you are time poor, information poor, unsure of the risks, or unsure where or how to start. We provide a holistic full service from finding, buying, helping with finance, obtaining all approvals and managing the entire project to get your granny flat investment property fast-tracked working hard from day one and cash flowing.
Are Your Fees Tax Deductable?
For all investment-related property expenses for the purposes of generating investment rental returns, tax deductions are allowable. This includes all fees and charges we charge for buyer's advocacy, project managing on your behalf, the design, approvals, loan interest and construction costs and on-going maintenance, property management, landlords insurance and council and water rates. We highly recommend obtaining qualified independent tax advice before making any investment property decisions.
What If You Have Multiple Clients Wanting The Same Property?
As a Buyers Advocate, we act exclusively for a Client. We therefore obtain instructions from you in relation to a property we recommend for purchase and exclude other interested parties. If for any reason you decide not to pursue its acquisition, only then may we inform other interested parties of the same opportunity. This ensures exclusivity in acting solely for the benefit of the buyer's interest. Furthermore, Granny Flat Buyers Agents know this market and know that opportunities will always come and go in the market, instead, focusing on abundance and education rather than scarcity. This means we are confident in knowing we can deliver your highest of expectations.
What Other Services Do You Provide?
Granny Flat Buyers Agents offer a range of property services in the affordable investment and housing markets. We work with Clients looking for project style house and lot in new estates and specialise in duplex developments and provide the full scope of project services from sourcing, assessing, selecting, planning, construction to completion for the purposes of manufacturing equity, holding for long term investment, and for long term growth. Please contact us to discuss how we can help fast-track your property wealth with creation plans.