Project Manage

More than just watching the building go up

Granny Flat Buyers Agents offer a complete project management service with our prime objective of ensuring your granny flat investment reaches completion at a minimum cost. We use our expertise in managing granny flat projects to improve work quality, improve efficiency and make sure all timeline milestones are met.

As part of our project management service we will provide an impartial assessment to improve build times, cut costs and ensure the right people have been engaged for your granny flat construction. We also look at your proposed granny flat's feasibility, looking into every aspect of your project to ensure it's economically viable. This includes research into the suburb's growth, rental yield, demand, forecasting, transport links, community facilities and council S94 contribution fees just to name a few. Providing this insight can help determine the financial risks and gains.
granny flat project management


Managing your granny flat investment project can prove to be a daunting, time consuming, rather stressful experience. As a consumer, you have the right to choose whether to DIY or hand it over to professionals. As an investor, you understand the value in getting the right advice and having the best people you can afford to look after your interests. It's important to know the distinction between the two. If you have ample time, great at organising and people management, are capable of managing risk and understand or are aware of the pitfalls, this service is not for you.However, if you are time poor, are unaware of the inherent risks in construction, lack critical experience, don't know how to start or whom to trust, or simply would rather be doing something else other than attending to building your granny flat, then read on..What does a Project Manager actually do? and why pay someone to manage my granny flat project when I'm already paying a builder? Consider the value the right Project Manager adds to your granny flat project..

  • Knows which path to adopt i.e. either a CDC application or a full DA application dependent on a number of factors such as land size, dimensions, setbacks, encroachments, easements, covenants, zoning and other local planning controls and instruments
  • Knows what size granny flat can fit on your land i.e. 1, 2 or 3+ bedroom for optimal configuration and rental yield
  • Understands the impact of encumbrances on title, has a key understanding of 'rights and interests'
  • Obtains tenders, reviews, oversights and monitors contract documentation, construction quality, progress stages
  • Oversights and administers progress stage claim payments and ensures timeliness of critical stage inspections
  • Checks and ensures construction progress and liaises between the builder, statutory authorities and all relevant stakeholders
  • Understands and applies market knowledge to avoid over-capitalisation or under-capitalisation ensuring correct selection of PC items, fixtures and fittings in the schedule of finishes (specs)
  • Ensures best pricing, consistency and quality of workmanship and building materials selected
  • Knows the project's timeline and works to ensure satisfactory completion within the budget and timeframe
  • Acts as the 'buffer' between any issues on site and addressing them quickly and effectively
  • Progressively updates you with periodical reports so you are kept up to date
  • Is wholly dedicated to the success of your granny flat project
  • An excellent negotiator, people person, goal oriented and focused on performance and delivering results
  • Has well established industry connections, able to access any number of property investor-related service providers, at times well below market rates such as: landlords insurance, legal services, quantity surveyor depreciation schedules, self managed super fund specialists, mortgage finance brokers, financial planners, structuring and tax accountants, property management, ongoing maintenance
  • Is truly independent meaning your best interests are protected and well guarded
The right Granny Flat Investment Project Manager makes all the difference to the end result, throughout the DESIGN - APPROVAL - CONSTRUCTION process to satisfactory completion and occupation. What this means to you is true peace of mind.